Southern Crescent Equine Services offers equine acupuncture with Dr. Libby Reidy. Dr. Libby was certified in veterinary acupuncture through The Chi Institute in Reddick, FL.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on philosophy on the interaction of the universe and the body. Yin/yang (cold/hot) and Qi (energy) are the main components assessed. When these are all in perfect balance then optimal health is achieved. When there is excess or deficiency in one or more of these, illness or pain develops. One of the most common diagnoses of performance horses with musculoskeletal soreness/pain is Qi stagnation. This means the energy of the body is blocked in a particular area. When Qi is blocked within channels of the body, soreness or pain develops. Acupuncture works on releasing the blockage within a channel or bringing back balance to the body to heal or resolve pain.

Western medicine is actively performing research to better understand from a scientific way why acupuncture works. It is well accepted and known that acupuncture directly affects the nerves. When nerves are stimulated with acupuncture, endorphins are produced. Endorphins are natural or self-made pain killers to combat musculoskeletal soreness/lameness.
There are three main ways acupuncture can be performed. The first two- acupuncture with dry needles or electroacupuncture both involve placing a small needle into a specific acupuncture point for a desired effect. Dry needling is when an acupuncture needle is inserted into a specific point, whereas, electroacupuncture has the dry needle attached to electricity to increase the amount of endorphins produced. Lastly, aqua acupuncture is the injection of a solution, typically saline, Vitamin B12, and traumeel, directly into a specific acupuncture point for desired effect.

Acupuncture is most commonly used for musculoskeletal issues, but it is also very beneficial for infertility, behavioral issues, and various internal medicine problems. It is also best used as a preventive to maintain your horse’s health by keeping the horse’s energy in balance. Acupuncture is excellent by itself or as complementary medicine to western medicine or chiropractic.

Please call SCES 770-252-6860 to schedule your horse’s acupuncture session today. Dr. Libby is excited to show you all the ways acupuncture can benefit your horse.