Here at Southern Crescent Equine Services, we specialize in acupuncture. Illness and injury are often caused by disharmony in the mind, body, and spirit. This disharmony can lead to a dysfunction in any of of these areas, even for animals. Holistic medicine believes that having one of these areas out of alignment will affect the entire animal, not just one area of the body.

Acupuncture is an injection of a sterile liquid. Typically, this is Vitamin B12, saline, or a homotoxicology product. An animal that cannot hold still for acupuncture needles or one that is under anesthesia will greatly benefit from this technique.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the philosophy that the universe and the body are opposing forces. The constant flow of energy keeps them balanced. When the flow of energy is blocked, illness will occur. Aquapuncture therapy will release blocked energy, resolve the pain, and improve sleep, digestive functions, and sense of well-being.

Our qualified and helpful staff will work with your pet to ensure that there is no more energy blockage and make sure that your horse is receiving all of the amazing benefits from acupuncture.

If you have any questions regarding aquapuncture, contact us today at 770-252-6860.